Get Your Man in the Kitchen Campaign | The Nutrition Guy
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Men’s Health Campaign

Get Your Man In The Kitchen Campaign

The Nutrition Guy believes that it’s time for men to take charge of their health. It’s time to eat better, drink less and move more. That’s why he is embarking on a campaign called ‘Get Your Man in the Kitchen’.


The initiative is intended to encourage and inspire men to get into the kitchen and prepare healthy meals. They do not need to be experienced chefs, but just be willing to have a go at giving their meals a healthier spin. Manly meals such as baked potatoes, spaghetti bolognaise, steak as well as chicken parmigiana can still be on the menu. The key is to tweak them so they are healthier than the original version.

The campaign is centered on empowering men to cook more of the foods they enjoy. Studies show that those who prepare their own food typically consume less calories than they do when eating at a restaurant or when ordering in take away.

To get involved in the ‘Get your man in the kitchen’ campaign, you can encourage the men in your life (or get involved yourself) to showcase their culinary skills on social media. Wearing a quirky apron is optional. Just be sure to use the hashtag #getyourmaninthekitchen when posting.